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Joli Girl lyrics


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     Joli Girl
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        Aw, we walked the streets of Greenwich Village
    Holdin' hands like school kids in the summer August sun
    Smilin' at the passing strangers on their way
    And wishin' the end would never come
    Then a flower lady sold me one red rose to give you
    For your chestnut hair, just to make it shine
    Then I held it close to me, and I whispered
    Joli girl, when will you be mine
    Then we stepped up to the first stand on the corner
    For some coconut champagne
    And a taxi driver cussed us, 'cause a blind man got his tip
    And tapped "thank you" with his cane
    And we ducked out of the rain into a dusty little shop
    That traded books and fluffy hats, rings and beads
    Then I held it close to me, and I whispered
    Joli girl, you're all I need
    Aw, Joli girl, please don't ask me how long I'll be stayin'
    You and your dandy ship of dreams that we can share
    Tomorrow is just another day, I'm maybe far away
    Joli girl, I might be anywhere
    So let's spread our blanket in the park and hold each other close
    The night is coming on and soon we'll have to go
    But remember, Joli girl, oh remember
    Joli girl, I love you so
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